Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Young Victoria: Review

In the next series of reviews of Oscar nominated films.. I bring you, The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt of The Devil Wears Prada, Paul Bettany, Mark Strong, Jim Broadbent  and Miranda Richardson. The film has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards and..... it was just okay.
The Young Victoria is a dramatization of the controversial first years in the reign of Queen Victoria. The film explores the plight of a 17 year old Victoria trying to run a nation, balance unrest in the English parliament and finding a romantic relationship in the "charming" Prince Albert.
I'll be honest. This film was not bad. But if you've seen The Duchess or Marie Antoinette, you would have seen this movie. Young Victoria is the typical Tudor age love story centered around boring political dramas between the Duke of Whatsername, the Baron of Bla Bla Land and Archbishop of Coca Cola. I'm really getting sick of these Victorian age royal dispute movies. Didn't the royalties do anything except dispute back in those days?
The script was boring. I was barely keeping up with the dialog throughout the film. What with all the Shakespeare language like thee, thy, cometh, bla bla bla. Yeah I get that you're trying to make the film as authentic as possible, but can you do that and not confuse me to death? Maybe these type of films are just too intelligent for me. Heh.
But what was great about Young Victoria was Emily Blunt. Her queen is the character Queen Amidala in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace should have been. A young naive girl who is suddenly thrust into the most powerful position in the country and is forced to deal with all this shit other power hungry assholes are giving her. Emily Blunt was absolute class as Victoria. Forget about Emily from Devil Wears Prada, Queen Victoria is Blunt's greatest role.
Though she does look too old to be playing a 17 year old girl, everything on the inside of her resembled that of an adolescent woman. Her usual sassy voice sounded like a sweet 14 year old in the movie. And I love her the way her character carries herself. It's kind of like, "I'm trying to show prestige and class but I still want to remain a rebel" type of portrayal.
I really don't see the relationship between Victoria and Prince Albert ever happening. This Albert dude is a straight up sissy. Forget about all the sweet lovely things he whispers in you're ear, this guy has the highest pitched voice ever to come out of a man. And my God was his talking annoying. Usually I like listening to British people talking but Albert was irritating. He was like Michael Cera, who mumbles every line like an insecure timid loser. Oh wait, Prince Albert was German... ohh okay.
Like any other Victorian age British film, the costumes and art direction is flawless. But then again.. we've seen these kind of costumes and 1800's type of settings so often in other movies, it doesn't really wow us anymore.
While it wasn't bad, it's just the same old period piece film. Queen is young. Queen faces opposition. Queen rises up and beats all odds. Queen becomes the greatest queen to ever rule England. So don't need to go rushing to see this, it ain't gonna add anything to your life.

RATING: 5/10


Nicole Connelly Yeoh said...

The Duchess and Young Victoria are not tudor age movies la, the other boleyn girl and shakespeare in love are tho

Nicholas C said...

It is lah. Any movie that has the girls wearing big hear is a tudor age movie

Nicole Connelly Yeoh said...

ahem Handsome, tudor refers to Elizabethan age!! And their dresses, hair make up are completely different!! you should get some fashion history classes from me!! :S

Nicholas C said...

K next time you you gimme history 101

Cara said...

Victorian Era/Tudor different lah. XD The film was mediocre at best - considering the historical inaccuracies but I'm willing to let it go since most films aren't always accurate anyway. The plot was simplified - all the political currents etc were watered down to make space for the romance. I personally feel the film would have been more interesting if they had not focused so heavily on the romance and included more political intrigue.

Miranda Richardson was brilliant in this part - although she had such limited screentime. The film portrayed her so little - there was no explanation as to how Victoria came to resent her mother that much and the bit about her nanny poisoning Victoria's mind against her mother was left out as well much to the detraction of what could have been a more realistic and fulfilling watching experience.

pharmacy escrow said...

Not a good movie for me, the performances were not good and the scenery not very good as well.


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