Monday, February 8, 2010

In The Loop: Review

Sigh if only Malaysian politics could be as retardedly funny as In The Loop. Oh wait yes they are. The retarded part, not the funny part. Just retarded.Yeap!
Okay so In The Loop is one of the 5 nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay. The film itself was based on a BBC television series called The Thick of It. The film is a satirical portrayal of the political events between the British and American government that lead to the decrement of the 2003 war in Iraq. In The Loop cent res around a foulmouthed PR adviser for the English Prime Minister, a bumbling British senator and his novice political aide, the scheming US Asst. Secretary of State and a retired US Lieutenant General.
So is this a boring political film you ask? Hell naw! It's a mockery really that In The Loop only landed one Oscar nomination. This film is fruckin hilarious. Every bit of this movie is dedicated to insulting the incompetent administration during the Bush and Blair years and how the war in the Middle East which eventually took hundreds of thousands of innocent lives was the product of a small little hiccup of incredibly baseless evidence.
Peter Capaldi should have been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award for his role as Malcolm Tucker. This guy is the funniest thing I have ever seen in British comedy. And I hate British comedy. His character is the one who has to deal with all the shit Tom Hollander's character and the other US politicians put him through. One after another they keep fucking up and what does Malcolm Tucker do? He goes on a F U rampage with some of the most vulgar and imaginative curse words I have ever seen in my life.
This dude spends a good 45 minutes of the film being uncontrollably angry at every single person. And magnificently after foul-mouthing the politicians for screwing up, he miraculously by the wit and greatness of his loins, his character manages to fix everything and save the asses of hundreds of useless politicians who have no idea what their doing. Hahaha this guy should run for President!
And just because he is the funniest thing in the film doesn't mean he wasn't the best performance. He was actually. One scene where he found himself really in deep shit because of a backstabbing political aide, his character showed 3 seconds of helplessness on his face and I was like, "Wow!"
Tom Hollander was oh so awesome in this to. He plays what I think is a version of Sarah Palin. He is that small time senator that gets pushed into the big pond with other big shot politicians and just fumbles his way through everything. And the greatest thing about it is that he has to much of an ego to realize that he is making an absolute jerk of himself.
Other than those two, In The Loop is packed full with other comedic moments. Be it the one where senators are balancing a budget using a kids calculator, a senator and his aide sharing a room together, not wearing pants and watching animal porn on Discovery Channel (very Anwar like) or Tom Hollander's character giving Sarah Palin answers to every single question he is asked or how he pretends that he is busy doing "work" when the US Secretary of State passes by. Hahahahahaha.
I love this movie man. You'll love this especially if you have a personal grudge against lousy politicians that screw up everything they touch but are covered up by brilliant PR people. This film will have you laughing the whole way through knowing that there are politicians like these everywhere, not just in Malaysia. Peter Capaldi for President!

RATING: 8/10


Su YSW said...

In the loop

hahaah! it applies to office politics too!

Nicholas C said...

Kind of yeah

He said, she said said...

We really enjoyed reading your review. The Malcolm Tucker really is hilarious - especially his swearing. We Brits love to invent ways to cuss.

I'd love to hear what you think of our opinions on the film:


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