Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Lady and the Reaper: Review

No seriously, what the hell is up with the Academy Awards and their totally weird fetish for animated shorts with really old grandma's in them? Hahahaha.
So The Lady and the Reaper is a Spanish animated film by Javier Recio GarcĂ­a. And it is one of the 5 nominees for Best Animated Short and while I do support this movie being nominated, I'm sure as hell know that this film has no shot whatsoever from winning the Oscar.
Lady and the Reaper is about a sweet old lady is living alone in her farm, patiently waiting for her time to die so that she will be reunited with her late husband again. So finally one night the Reaper appears before her and invites her to crossover to the afterlife. But just as she's about to, she is resuscitated by an arrogant doctor. The movie then becomes more of a power struggle comedy between the Reaper and the doctor for the lady's life.
Now if you saw the first 2 minutes of the film you're going to be thinking that this is a very dark animated drama about life and death and love. I thought that to and I was pretty down with that idea until the doctor comes in and the whole dynamics of the film switches from a slow serious style to a lighthearted whimsical pacing. And the moment it happened I was like, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna have me some mindless fun watching this!"
The remaining 6 minutes of the film is really really funny. You'll never think of the Reaper as something scary anymore cause the guy is juts one heck of a goofball in this. And whenever you do see a young doctor from now, you just want to punch that douches face off hahaha.
 And they did do some really creative funny ways to portray to final moment of an elderly person who's bordering between life and death.It was kind of like a Scooby Doo moments when the gang and the bad guy goes into the big chase scene around the haunted house and go through lotso doors and jokes like that? Well Lady and the Reaper takes that idea and perfects it with fantastic animation and a really funny score.
But similar to Granny O'Grimm, there really isn't much else to talk about in The Lady and the Reaper because it is what it is. A simple, funny animated short that doesn't go beyond anything else that just being pure entertainment. And while it did have me in stitches laughing the whole way through, it's not a movie I'm going to look back on and go, "Wow that was a really great Oscar nominee."

RATING: 7/10


daidai bel said...

wahaha i like the reaper so funny

Tekkaus said...

War...I should look out for this. :D

Anonymous said...

nice review..
nice blog..
very informative~


"I" the writer said...

Dude! Nice Animation shorts! Keep it coming!

Nicholas C said...

daidai bel: I know right? Soo cute!

Tekkaus: You can watch lah. I put the movie at the end of the review wan.

AvanGarde: Thank youu!

"I": One more animation short review coming!


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