Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maggie Grace & Mackenzie Foy Joins The Cast of Breaking Dawn

See Maggie? Told you you shouldn't have left Lost. Now you done stuck with them Twilight people.
USA Today has just announced that Maggie Grace of Lost fame will be joining the cast of Twilight for the first half of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. I'm not really sure what she's playing but they says it's some vampire that wants revenge on Bella. When will they stop with the revenge-ing on Bella already? What is so interesting about Bella that warrants 100 year old vampires to take revenge? GAWD!

But she will also be joined by 9 year old newcomer Mackenzie Foy who will be playing Renesmee Cullen. Apparently in the book, when Bella shoots her out of her vag, the little kid is literally going to chew up her amniotic sac. SWEET!

The two part finale of the God awful series will be directed by Oscar winning director Bill Condon who was last seen helming Dreamgirls and Gods and Monster. Tell you what, if there's anyone who could make a tolerable ending to Twilight, it's this guy.

But till then we can rest assured that the next Twilight movie won't be coming out until 2012. A whole year without Bella Swan. We have earned this rest my friends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sony Releases MIB 3, Spider-Man & The Smurfs Teaser Posters

Yo. So check it out, last week Sony Pictures made an official announcement of the release dates of Men In Black III and the new reboot Spider-Man along with a teaser poster of The Smurfs movie.

So what I do know now is that Etan Cohen, writer of Tropic Thunder has written a script and shooting will begin next month with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reuniting as Agent J and K with Josh Brolin set to play a young version of Agent K and Jemaine Clement set to be MIB 3's villain. The film is due to be released in 3D in 2012.

I even found a teaser trailer featuring Will Smith. Check it:

As for the Spider-Man reboot, Marc Webb of (500) Days of Summer has been hired as director along with Andrew Garfield of The Imaginaruim Of Doctor Parnassus set to play Peter Parker.
Actresses in consideration to play Mary-Jane Watson include Imogen Poots, Emma Stone, Ophelia Lovibond, Lily Collins, Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts and Mia Wasikowska. And there have been speculation that the reboot's villain is going to be The Lizard.

And now for The Smurfs..... well..... it looks shitty.

2011 and 2012 might suck really bad.

RIP Gloria Stuart 1910-2010

Very sad today to hear that Gloria Stuart, who is probably best known for her Oscar nominated role of playing Old Rose in James Cameron's Titanic, has passed away. She was 100 years old.
Personally to me as an actor, this sucks. She was an icon. She was one of the founding members of the American Screen Actors Guild. She starred in black & white classics like The Invisible Man, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Roman Scandals, Here Comes The Navy and Gold Diggers of 1935. And she is probably the last film star of the Golden Era of Cinema we had.

She belongs to the ages now.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Devil: Review

Man that Shyamalan just cannot catch a break can he?
Devil.... El Diablooo. A film that would have drawn less negative responses to it if that Indian fucker had only kept his name out of the producer credits. And with only 2 months since the complete destruction of The Last Airbender under his hands, it's a wonder how this movie even grossed a profit.
Devil revolves around a group of 5 people who gets trapped in an elevator and after a few "mysterious" incidences and attacks, they come to find that one of them is in fact the devil disguised in human form.
You know what, I'm not even gonna waste time talking much about this film, the taste of Shyamalan's last film is still n my mouth and I cannot utter another 4 paragraphs about this one without puking my guts out. The story is boring, contrived and predictable from start to finish. Anyone who has seen more than one M. Night Shyamalan film would have been able to guess who the devil was halfway through the movie. Hint: Just because everyone in the elevator suspects one person doesn't mean that person is the devil. And stop acting shocked when you find out the devil is actually the old lady. OOPPSIEEE!
The acting was nothing imaginative. For a film with 5 people stuck in a very enclosed space with a demonic deity, you'd think that the other 4 would lose their fucking minds but of course Shyamalan is too dumb to think up anything realistic so for 1 hour 30 minutes we have a guessing game of who is the devil when everyone should be focusing on getting the fuck out of the elevator. "What? Really? The devil is among me in a very very small enclosed space? I'm just gonna sit my ass down here and not try to claw my way out because I really want to know which of these other 4 people is the devil. Yayyy!"
But the film does have some creepy moments that did make me jump from my chair. Yes, they were using mostly jump scares for the shock value of it's horror but at the very least they know how to build up and sell a jump scare unlike the fuckers from A Nightmare On Elm Street that made it too obvious for the audience. Hint: When the movie gets really quiet and the camera is close up to a person's face, a jump scare is gonna happen in 3 seconds. How you people still not know this is really surprising.
Oddly enough the ending of Devil actually needed classic Shyamalan. They sold you a very blatant straight forward, uninspiring concept of the Devil but Shyamalan could have left it in a very ambiguous finale that will have the audience talking about it after and feeling a little bit more creeped out. But the fucker was too busy ruining a franchise. So..... thanks.
Devil is a bland piece of horror, unoriginal, Saw ripoff, poorly written, predictable till the very end with an ending that the director think will get you all riled up like in Inception but falls flat and leaves whoever had the misfortune of not sneaking into the cinema to leave feeling not only underwhelmed but cheated.
I shall now pop in The Sixth Sense to remember the good times. The times when you did not fucking suck.

RATING: 4/10

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps: Review

Money Never Sleeps. What kind of a fucking title is THAT?
So for those who were old enough to be around when the first Wall Street came out or those who have seen the film, you'd understand why Oliver Stone wanted to make this one following the 2008 crash of the American economy for the sole reason that the character Gordon Gekko foreshadowed something like this happening in the film 23 years before it actually happened. That's pretty badass filmmaking ja know.
So Wall Street 2 takes place 23 years after the events of the first one. Basically, what you need to know is that Michael Douglas plays Gordon Gekko who was one of the big players in Wall Street in the 80's and he's really corrupt and really powerful and shit but he get's outsmarted by a young Charlie Sheen and is sent to prison. When he get's released, he is sought out by Jake Moore, Gekko's estranged daughter's fiance who wants his help to seek revenge against an evil broker who was responsible for the suicide of his mentor in exchange of helping Gekko rebuild ties with his daughter, as Wall Street is on the brink of the economic meltdown.
I feel sorry for them people who predicted this movie was gonna be so good that it was a shoo-in for Best Picture next year. Hey guys! Hhahahahahaha. Feeling really stupid now huh? And you know what, I blame Oliver Stone for not being able to pull off that Oscar material film even with all the acting and writing calibre Wall Street had.
The key thing that is missing in Money Never Sleeps from Stone's films in the 80's is that it lacks that Oliver Stone punch. The film came off very over indulgent, necessarily slow and had poorly edited montage scenes in bad CGI. What was suppose to be a very sharp film and narrative of corporate America quickly became a sappy soap opera I didn't care for. Mr. Stone, I'm really happy for, Imma let you finish, but I think you should consider retiring now.
But what was great in this is the acting. Seemed like everyone brought their A game in this except Oliver Stone which is kinda sad. Michael Douglas literally makes love to the camera in a triumphant return as a mellower, sort of anti-hero Gordon Gekko. This was how they used to do it back in the day man. He could literally recite a George Bush speech in his slow, cocky style and have you hanging on every word he says. And while he does establish from the beginning that he wants nothing to do with Wall Street anymore, this Gekko feels more dangerous and threatening than in the first film. Because he does such a good job at convincing you of that but you can't help but remember that this is fucking Gordon 'backstabbing' Gekko. Your just waiting through the whole movie to see if he turns around and screws everyone up in the end.
Carey Mulligan, fresh off her Oscar nominated An Education trumps on in her acting glory for this. While I did find her reasons for hating Gekko to be somewhat unrealistic and dumb, there's no denying that she is a fantastic actress and definitely the second best performance in the film. How amazing is it that in a movie with an array of A-list stars backstabbing each other and an endless fashion parade of designer clothes, cars and Apple products; the best scene in the film is one of Carey Mulligan and Michael Douglas just talking to each other on the side of a staircase.
Now let's talk about that Shia boy shall we. Poor guy. He's been getting so much crap for Transformers that people forget that the dude can act. And while I did believe him in the role, I fault my dislike for his character mostly to the writer who made him a version of Bud Fox meets Johnny Fairplay. Your feelings about the guy sways from good guy to villain so many times in this movie because he was that inconsistent when dealing with everything.
And I just gotta talk about the Gordon Gekko/ Bud Fox scene in this movie where we had an interaction between the antagonist and protagonist of the first Wall Street, and my God was it just horrible. Maybe Charlie Sheen was on drugs or something, but I hated seeing what became of Bud Fox, he started out the uncorrectable golden boy of Wall Street to being a richer version of his Two and a Half Men character. That scene was way over indulgent, awkward and should have been left on the cutting room floor.
I think this movie would have been much better if they took away a huge plotline in the film (can't say what without spoiling) and made this a movie of Gordon Gekko. Because he was who I came to see and didn't get enough of. Great acting, horrible directing, very poor editing.
But don't get me wrong, this was still a good film, but by no means great and certainly not worthy to be called Wall Street's sequel.

RATING: 5.5/10


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