Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Look at The Green Hornet

Superhero Hype! has posted up the first pictures of Seth Rogen's big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet. The original Green Hornet of course was the Tv show in the 1960's starring the ever so awesome Bruce Lee.

Here are some pics which includes Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz doing a scene and Jay Chou as Kato. And also check out Jay Chou's stunt double in Kato's costume.Yay!!
Yes.. Seth Rogen is writing the screenplay. Stop asking.

Wahaha. He's like "Eww don't touch me you normal people."

Have you ever seen Jay Chou look so geeky?

And now the best part....
I thought stunt doubles were suppose to look like the actors? He looks nothing like Jay Chou..
So what do ya'll think? Nothing's ever gonna top Bruce Lee's Kato for sure!

The Green Hornet will be out in theaters December 17, 2010. And guess what? The film is gonna co-star Nicolas Cage so you'll know this is gonna suck big time!


Eileen said...

sure, he may look nothing like jay chou now, but computer imaging does wonders. :) whichever software they use, i'm pretty sure i'd want to know. so i can use it for video production classes later. XD

Nicholas C said...

When you learn, teach me k?

Eileen said...

sure thing. :)

Anonymous said...

if thats his stunt double i bet itll only be for car chases and crashes, because jay chou does his own martial arts stunts in his movies, dnt see why he wud stop now especially when hes doin a movie part that was made famous by bruce lee his icon


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