Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's so damn evil to make people wait 4 months just to see the second episode of a new tv series.. Especially when it's such an addictive show like Glee.
For most of ya'll who don't know, Glee is a new comedy-musical series on Fox that premiered after the American Idol finale this year. The show only has one episode released so far and I gotta tell ya'll.. it's so freakin awesome!
Just imagine Glee like High School Musical, only that when Troy Bolton told everyone he want's to sing, he gets beaten up and his head flushed down the toilet by the Wild Cats. It's about this teacher who leads a group of misfits as they try to ressurect the Glee (Performing Arts) Club in their school while the entire Student Body is out to tear them down.
Glee has quite a number of Broadway stars like Leah Michelle (Spring Awakening) and Matthew Morrison (Link Larkin from Broadway Hairspray). They perform the most catchy toe tapping versions of Broadway songs and other popular hits.
Check out some of their songs from the first episode. I guarantee you'll be hooked.2nd episode coming in 4 days!

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