Friday, September 4, 2009

District 9: Review

Yes.. I'm back blogging. Not like anyone cares but hey! Finally found the spirit to blog again after doing the blog for my IPD. Anyway I know it's been out long but just saw District 9 last week and it was awesome!
I love this movie man!This movie was so brilliant, so fast paced and so radically different from any movie I've seen. So District 9 is about this spaceship who kinda "crash landed" over Johannesburg and we find these aliens that are malnourished and dying and we decided to be nice to them. We set up a refuge camp for them and take care of them. But 30 years after the crash landing, we humans get sick of looking at their prawn faces and decide to move them to another refuge camp far far away. And this guy, Wikus van der bla bla is the guy in charge of evicting the aliens.
The CGI of the film is so gritty and the film's documentary style made all the action scenes look so freaking real. District 9 takes me back to films like Terminator where the film is so breathtaking and so amazing and then you find out the low budget it was made on and you just go like "WHAT?" The whole damn movie costs 30 million dollars. You know what other movie costs 30 million dollars? He's Just Not That Into You. So just compare the two and awe at the reverence of Peter Jackson once more!
Now I was looking at this and I'm thinking "This is a cool ass science fiction film." But there is also so much emotion and drama added to make the story even better. And such a big social statement of apartheid and racism of us humans.
Oh Oh Oh and it is so freakin gory! We get all the bloody massacres from people being blown up by ray guns and niggas devouring alien limbs. I don't get squeamish watching slasher films, but watching District 9 kinda made me cringe a little.

So anyway, if you guys are looking for a show that's gonna make you go Ohhh and Whoah and Holy Shit.. District 9 baby! District 9!!


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