Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bruno: Review

Okay before I start.. I really really really liked Borat. But damn... Bruno was just wrong!
So okay, Bruno is the second love child by Sacha Baron Cohen after the hugely successful Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. It's about this gay Austrian fashionista who get's fired from his fashion talk show after a runway incident, so he decides to go to America and become a huge star there.
 Bruno is around the same formula as Borat where we have this really outrageous character interviewing and doing crazy shit to poor unsuspecting normal folks. But damn Bruno is so much more uncomfortable to watch than Borat. It's like Sacha Baron Cohen wondered, "How on earth am I gonna top what I did in Borat....... I gotta get myself killed!"
And really, he tries so hard. Bruno is more of an endurance test than a comedy. We just watch it to see how far can he go doing all these crazy gay stuff before he finally gets the crap beaten out of.
I mean Bruno goes on a hunting trip with some of the most backward hillbillies possible and gets naked and sticks his ass in their faces. If that's not enough, this dude goes to Iraq and walks the streets with the most gayest outfits possible. He even goes as far as interviewing a leader of a terrorist organization and says the most insulting things (things you wouldn't even say to someone you don't like here) to him.
But I did get a few laughs out of the film though. There's this part where he's being interviewed in front of a lot of fat angry black women. And I swear those ladies were gonna tear him apart like in Jerry Springer or something.
But overall this movie was so freakin crude and offensive that I just couldn't enjoy myself. I don't recommend most Malaysians to see it since we're still mostly conservative. But if you do wanna see the show, see it with a large group of people just so that you can watch their reactions. But be warned! There's gay anal sex, close ups of pubic hair.. and my personal favourite, a major close up of Bruno's 2 ft long dick just waging for about 10 seconds. And after that.. I swear I'm not lying.. his dick looks directly at the camera and says "Bruno!!!"

And I was like, "Shit his dick can talk!" Then I start slapping my own and going "C'mon! Talk! Why can't you talk!!"

RATING: 5/10 (Not as good as Borat)


weiwen said...

was the uncensored version of this movie allowed in malaysia? thats a surprise

Nicholas C said...

Wei Wen! Long time no see man! Hahah nope, Bruno is banned in Malaysia.. I watched it online

Anonymous said...

Actually, its the Third "Love child" of Sacha Baron Cohen, you forgot about the genius of Ali G...although I think that only got realised in England but not sure. He's brilliant anyway, some people who dont get it just need to get a sense of humour!


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