Friday, January 14, 2011

The Switch | Review

Hey! A Jeniffer Aniston movie I don't hate.
You know when Brad Pitt left her for the Jolie, something must have snapped in Jeniffer Aniston's brain cause she keeps doing these shitty romantic comedies man. The only difference between The Switch and her other dumb rom coms is that in here, she has a realistic and likable male counterpart in the form of Jason Bateman.
So the movie is about Kassie played by Jeniffer Aniston and her best friend Wally played by Jason Bateman. Kassie is desperate to get pregnant and is looking for a donor for artificial insemination. Wally is madly in love with Kassie but has been trapped in the friend zone with Kassie. After being rejected as a donor by Kassie and seeing how perfect and much better her donor was than him, Wally get's drunk one night and accidentally loses the donor's sperm and replaces it with his own and he forgets the night ever happened coz he's shit drunk. Kassie get's pregnant, moves away and comes back 7 years later with her son as Wally slowly begins to realize her son is exactly like him. Funny starts here!
This isn't much of a romantic comedy as it is just a plain good comedy with a romantic element as a subplot. This movie worked and only worked because of Jason Bateman who was absolutely hilarious in this. He is neurotic as shit and snaps back at everything with witty, dry humor that sometimes go a little overboard which will make people around him uncomfortable but the people watching laugh their asses off.
We have a scene where he's on a blind date with this girl. Hot girl, seems to like him and stuff. Then she says if they keep getting along so well they're gonna end up married. And then Jason Bateman goes, yeah but then I'll have to spend a lot of money keeping you happy and I'll get super busy with work, and our sex life will deteriorate and you'll start hating me and we'll fight and we'll rekindle every once in awhile but our relationship will probably end, and you'll end up drinking and depresed and I'll be guilty and probably kill myself. And he girl is all like... Imma go home now.
And Jeniffer Aniston is getting all the star billings here but this movie pretty much belongs Jason Bateman and the kid that plays his son. Thomas Robinson who plays Sebastian, Wally's mental neurotic son was so amazing in this movie. How fucked up is it when a 10 year old kid acts better than you Jeniffer Aniston hahaha. He walks that very fine line of being just this annoying, neurotic, Woody Allen type character and also a very charming, earnest and sincere little kid.
Watching Jason Bateman and this kid just interact with each other was one funny experience after another. Imagine one smartass guy making snap comments at people, and now imagine that smartass and a little smartass kid arguing with each other. But their relationship does grow and we get very much attached to both of them. Also gotta hand it to Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum who were really good in this to.
But then the director realize, oh yeah... Jeniffer Aniston's in this to. And shoehorns a whole romantic comedy storyline into what was already a good movie for her sake in the last 15 minutes of the film. The ending to this just destroyed everything this movie was working up to be. It felt like, the film was doing everything right, good characters, good writing, funny dialog and suddenly... Hey everyone, Jeniffer Aniston is here! No.. just no.
But albeit the horrible final act, this movie was an enjoyable, surprising little flick. Die Aniston Die! Unagi!! UNAGIIII!

RATING: 6/10


Cara said...

Jason Bateman? Maybe I should see tihs. I LOVE HIM.

Can't stand Aniston though... but since you said it's quite enjoyable, maybe it's worth sitting through. ;)

Nicholas C said...

Yeah it's great.. It's downloadable


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