Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Look at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in Spider-Man Reboot

These people have had one awesome year. We have Andrew Garfield fresh of two of the most successful films of the year with The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. And we have Emma Stone who has emerged as the new teen queen with Easy A.
And under the direction of Marc Webb of (500) Days of Summer fame, I am really crossing my fingers that we will see a fresh and good reboot of the Spider-Man series. Tough act to follow though. The Sam Raimi has a special place in my heart. But if anyone can do it, these 3 can.
So check it out, set pictures of a scene between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy has been released on the Internet. Not much  can say about them, just enjoy. The new Spider-Man movie is set to hit theaters next year.

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Patricia Jane said...

I'm freakin' excited for this movie for it's comeback (or should I say a new series because of reboot) and plus a new character for Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy! I wonder how Andrew and Emma would give it a new look that the followers of this movie would still be the same and even better more!

And oh! Emma looks sexy with her red hair than this blond one except that she must really have the 'character' of being a Gwen Stacy.


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