Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Images of Cars 2

The end of the Pixar Renaissance could be neigh.
So two new hi-res pictures of Cars 2 has been posted on ComingSoon. The photos feature an Aston Martin voiced by Emily Mortimer of Shutter Island and another shows the Lightning McQueen, Doc and Mater cruising in Japan from the looks of it.
Cars was never my favorite Pixar movie, and the fact that this got a sequel over The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. really begs the question if Pixar is slowly running out of ideas. The only thing that is keeping my interest is that Cars 2 is being directed by John Lasseter, director of the original Toy Story.

Cars 2 opens on June 24th. Now let's pray.

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Cassie Brendan said...

Cars 2 has really invaded the world! LOL! The first poster says it all. Anyway, Pixar is probably preparing its next blockbuster movie. People really wanna be surprised, you know. Maybe they're planning to make a different movie. Some Cars movie fans probably wish to just guess even some of the cast in Pixar's next movie(if there is any). They'll definitely miss Lightning McQueen's pit crew! :D


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