Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saw VI: Review

If you don't know what the Saw movies are about, watch this first before you read the review.
Okay so straight up.. I love the Saw series. It's a new genre of psychological horror where the film has a whole lot deeper meaning than just watching torture porn. This isn't just another serial killer series like Friday the 13th where you know people are just gonna die in gruesome ways. Watching the Saw series really makes you think. Cause most of the characters who are being tortured really deserves to be, so one thing I love about Saw is that it examines how far your morality goes when faced with life and death.
That being said, the last few Saw series sucked. The lingering disturbing message is still there but the characters were the problem for me. Saw VI finally restored the series to the status the series once had.
Saw VI continues on the used to be ridiculous series tying up cliffhangers from the last films and centres it around the effed up American insurance industry. The main character is the head of an insurance company that has taken advantage of people what with the economy meltdown and such. He is put through a series of torturous traps in order to save his life and the life of seemingly random strangers, but are actually connected to him and why he is being tortured in some way.
Saw VI ups the gore and the perverse violence to an incredibly sick level this time and the build up to the gory scenes are intense. And it officially has my favourite Saw trap, the carousel trap. Watch it.. so messed up!

The film goes back to the formula of the first Saw at being incredibly unpredictable. Just when you think you know how something is going to play out, it comes back and cleverly makes fun at you for thinking the scene would end that way and subsequently end it with some really really terrible stuff.
Besides Tobin Bell (who has had more flashbacks than Lost) and the insurance guy (who looks exactly like Peter O'Toole) , the acting in Saw VI is horrible. But to be fair, most of the horrible actors were from the 3rd-5th Saw movies, so they are partly the reason why the series has gone down. I liked the whole idea of the insurance guy going through the traps. I really hated him at first but I couldn't help but symphatize for him at the end which was totally, brilliantly  uncalled for.
It's still not as good as the first Saw but it's definitely an improvement from the shitty sequels before it. But please if you can't stand to see gory scenes, don't watch this.

RATING: 6/10

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