Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar: Review

What the hell? I've seen this stunning piece of cinema 3 times and it just occurred to me I have never done my review for it, so here goes.

Avatar is the first feature by James Cameron since he did Titanic in the 90's. He has come out boasting that he has been developing this new CGI 3-D technology and the film is going to be a technical breakthrough... and DAMN HE WAS RIGHT!

Nothing I write can possibly do justice for Avatar. I'll just say this: "WOOOOOOOW" and "You need to see this in 3-D" This is one of those movies that people 30 years from now will still be talking about. It's right up there in the ranks of the first Star Wars and the first Terminator.

Yeah sure Avatar's storyline is unoriginal and predictable. It was a bit of a let down with the movie's dialogue considering it's James Cameron who wrote it. Yes, Avatar is just the same as Pocahontas or Dances With Wolves or The Last Samurai. But frankly I didn't care.

I loved James Horner's musical score. The tribal chants and war drums is so beautiful. A personal fav of mine is when Jake Sully has his first flight with his Ikran. Again, WOOOW. The Avatar score takes me back to classic scores like Last of the Mohicans and LOTR.

Zoe Saldana gave the best performance in the film. And her character wasn't even fucking real!! There is a scene where humans were destroying the forest, Neytiri's face reaction is so believable and so heartbreaking. You don't even get this kind of acting from real actors.

And Stephen Lang was phenomenal. Of all the scary monsters living in Pandora, Stephen Lang is the most badass. Damn this guy was the shit! He oozes evil and carries himself with amazing suave

Finaly, the visuals. Let's just say, I can picture Robert Zemeckis and George Lucas watching this and going "Shit." James Cameron has proven that he is the undisputed king of sci-fi and special effects. The effects of Avatar cannot be desrcibed in words. They have set a new standard in special effects that filmmakers in future years will break their backs over to try and replicate. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

RATING: 10/10


Jean said...

Loved the writeup...Though I quite did not like the film at all. All it seemed was concentrated on getting the visual up.

Jaemy.C said...

wei dun give it a 10 laaa... -1.5 for unoriginality and i'd probably agree with ur rating.

Nicholas C said...

Sorry la.. I'll stick with my rating. The storyline isn't what Avatar was about. It was about the visuals, and that alone deserves 10/10

Jaemy.C said...

noh! cannot! i hope it doesnt win best drama in golden globes man.... blind side or precious should get it...

araleling said...

It is nice and awesome!! It is about the technology and the way they made it right?? Yeah, I love their expression, they made it so real even though is not their own real body or face!! Awesome movie!!


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