Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man: Review

I actually wasn't looking forward to iron Man when the trailer came out. I mean the SFX was cool and all. But Jon Favreau? The guy who directed Elf and Zathura was going to make a comic book movie? And Robert Downey Jr.? I thought the guy died of an overdose or got killed by the cops in 1995. But naw, this film was a pleasant surprise. Matter of fact, I kinda like it. 
So Iron Man is the adaptation of the famous Marvel comic book hero. It's about Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons manufacturer who's more of a swinger than a businessman. I mean, I really hate this guy but I wanna be him at the same time. Hahah c'mon who wouldn't want to drive Aston Martins, drink champagne and fuck chicks all day long? So anyway, Tony gets kidnapped by terrorists when he was in Iraq and builds an iron man outfit to escape. Thus sparks the idea of using his creation to help end the war.
Iron Man is cool. Think Spider-Man mixed with Transformers but with a more mature narrative style. The film still retains a light tone though even when it's dealing with serious stuff like war, terrorism, military corruption and vigilantism. The screenplay really funny and Robert Downey Jr. really blew the film out of the park!
Robert Downey Jr. ya'll! You guys probably never heard of him but this man is one of the greatest modern actors. The flip side to this is that he's had a history of drug abuse and arrest warrants. Kind of like Lindsay Lohan but with talent. It's great to see him back and doing a blockbuster for once. Great casting on the production side. Downey brings that wit and charm to Tony Stark. He sold the film for me. Had loads of fun watching him.
Oh and the CGI is fantastic. The scenes of Stark putting on and testing the Iron Man suite is really really awesome and still friggin hilarious. The action scenes were great to. This is where the Transformers part comes in. We get loads of explosions, crashing cars, high-tech robots beating the crap out of each other while puny humans run away. What's not to like?
I love Gwyneth Paltrow. She's my second favorite character besides Tony Stark in the film The two play off each other really well. And some of Downey Jr.'s best scenes where when he was trying to court Pepper Potts. And Gwyneth is smoldering in this film. I mean.. wow.. explosive. So why am I still feeling unsatisfied?
The only thing this film is missing is a chick. Besides Gwyneth of course. Really not much of a complaint here but would it hurt to slide in a female character with a huge rack to complete the movie going experience for me? Sure they had Leslie Bib but she was in there for a few minutes. Take some ques from the Transformer movie and put in a really sexy villain in the next Iron Man.
I like this movie man. Comic book movies are really coming into their own zone these days. Heard The Incredible Hulk movie is going to tie in with iron Man and hopefully we'll be getting an Avangers movie soon. OMG Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton in The Avengers? Thank you God!

RATING: 7/10

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