Monday, May 12, 2008

Black Snake Moan: Review

Black Snake Moan. And if you think the title of the movie is crazy.. wait till you see the actual film. Damn! A movie where Christina Ricci is super naked and super slutty and is practically chained up like a dog by Samuel L Jackson? You nowt his is going to be kick ass!
So Black Snake Moan is about Lazarus and Rae. Lazarus is a man who have been betrayed by his wife and is heartbroken. Rae is a wild girl with a history of sexual abuse as a child and looks for love in the wrong places. But chance comes and these two are brought together and we see a father daughter relationship grow from this unlikely pair.
And there ain't anything better than watching Christina Ricci be stark ass naked and wrapped around in a chain! This is one of Christina Ricci's greatest roles. And I'm not just saying that cause she spends most of this movie being hella naked and super slutty.
Rae is genuinely a very deep character that is so flawed but you still root for her. She sort of reminds me of Annette from Saturday Night Fever who is really jut looking for someone who will love her by the only way she knows how and that is fucking every single boy she comes across. And to think that Christina Ricci lost so much weight and still looks as hot as she did, wow!
But speaking from the POV of an 18 years old with crazy hormones.. I thin I'm in love with Christina Ricci after this. This girl practically throws herself into the nastiest sickest sex scenes I have ever seen since Monster's Ball and she showed absolutely no shame or regret doing it.
She was friggin hot. We even have one scene where Samuel L Jackson's got her chained up and is walking her in the jungle like she was some dog and she still looked hella hot! And I really envy that 12 year old kid that got to have sex with her. Damn you Leonard Thomas!
I love the soundtrack to this movie to! It's got a whole lot of blues and soul and a whole lot of blue grass country.And who knew Samuel L Jackson could sing?!
And it's great to see my man Samuel L Jackson back doing great roles like this after taking a tour down shitty movies like Snakes On A Plane. His character in Black Snake Moan is sort of what Jules from Pulp Fiction would have been if he went all Jesus crazy and started doing drugs. We have him being all Christian like quoting Bible verses left right and centre, we got him acting like an old hippie, planting his own veges, and laying the guitar and doing massive amounts of drugs that would even make Keith Richards go "Shit!"
Samuel L Jackson is crazy in this movie. And in a good way to. We have this man who is tempted in the form of a hot Christina Ricci but a the same time finds it hard to let her in after the hurt he has gone through in the past. And you know Samuel L Jackson really is crazy when Christina Rici is practically begging him to let her give him a blow job and he's like "Jesus save me!"
And Justin Timberlake's in this playing Rae's boyfriend. He's really kind of a wimp in this movie and has these panic attacks like they were epileptic seizures. And he is downright annoying in this film and takes away a lot of focus which was mainly suppose to be on Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci. But I was surprised at how well the guy could ct. He wasn't bad i this, it's just his character that irritated me.
Great film with knockout performances by Christina Ricci and Samuel L Jackson!

RATING: 6/10

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