Friday, October 24, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Review

So when heard Ben Stiller was going to be directing a movie... I tough "Great, he's going to kill himself by making a really shitty movie." But after seeing Ben Affleck do pretty good with Gone Baby Gone,I thought I'd give Tropic Thunder a try. Wow, was this an amazing film!
So the film is about a group of actors trying to make a war movie.We have the Oscar winning great actor, the fading action hero, the funny comedian guy and a famous rap superstar. The problem is the director cant control all these big egos and he decides to do something drastic to save the film.
He drops them in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle with nothing but a script and tells them no one goes home until he gets the shots he needs. But after some really funny shit, we find the director dead and the actors genuinely suck in the jungle. Things gets worse when they come across a Vietnamese drug group and are in some series shit. But these actors still think they are acting and that none of this is real.
Tropic Thunder is t it's heart a parody film. It takes on lots of classic war movies and action films like Platoon and Bridge on The River Kwai and turn them into something stitchingly hilarious. It's also a big parody of the whole Hollywood scene these days and I gotta respect Ben Stiller for making a movie that is really bold and still funny at the same time.
From the get go before the movie even starts, I was already laughing my ass off. I'm talking of course about the fake trailers at the beginning of the movie. I just 3 short minutes Ben Stiller literally slaps every aspect of Hollywood in the face.
The lousy fart comedy's starring the comedian who's the flavor of the week. The serious art film that takes every opportunity to say ho much awards it's won. The absurd action movie with stupid deep voice over narrations. And the "musician"who's more clothing line and fragrant products than music. Tropic Thunder is Hollywood making fun of itself and I think some people are gonna be pretty pissed with it. But hey,more pain for them.. more fun for me.
And damn is Robert Downey Jr.amazing in this. What I tell ya'll in the Iron Man review this dude is one of the greatest actors of our time ya'll! Or maybe it's just cause he might be secretly black. I dunno, but wow is he great in this. Imma make a prediction and say that Kirk Lazarus is going to become one of those iconic characters 10years from now. This guy is so fun to watch. It's sad that this performance won't get any big awards cause it really is one of those great acting moments but just cause it's also retardedly funny, it will get overlooked.
And we've got some other great performances to. Matthew McConaughey is great in this film playing a conflicted agent to Ben Stiller's character. Jack Black and Brandon T Jackson are funny as hell. And there's this kid who plays the leader of the Vietnamese drug gang named Brandon Soo Hoo who is one hack of a martial artist. He's got a Bruce Lee future, I guarantee!
And how bad ass was Tom Cruise in this? My man Cruise is back ya'l! He plays Les Grossman a foul mouthed obese film producer that spends most of his time on screen saying f words and going all ape shit on everyone that is near him. Bu I really hated his dancing. Jeez it's enough having a regular to cruise dance, why'd you have to make him bald and add 300pounds on him and then make him do the Michael Jackson crotch trust and shake his ass. Gross!
And this movie also has some great action sequences to. When the movie reaches the third act, it turns into an all out, guns blazing Hong Kong action flick. We get explosions, lotso gun fire, jack black kung fu-ing one kick ass mean kid and Robert Downey Jr speaking Mandarin. Wow Ben Stiller really wrote this movie? He's gotta quit acing and start making more of these cause Imma loving what he's doing.
Great film! Funny as hell! Great parody of Hollywood! Great performance from Robert Downey Jr. And kudos to Ben Stiller! I Predict Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay.


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