Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dead Snow: Review

OKAY! It's been a really exhausting week for me. First off I sat through the awesomeness of the Nordic Film Festival which happened in Taylor's a few days ago. And though I did say I was going to be reviewing all the movies from the festival line up.. I kinda fucked that one up. Only managed to watch 6 out of the 9 films so sorry bout that. And also I've been busy with acting classes in preparation for a TV series I'll be starring in so look out for that in a couple of months. So anyway, let's get to the good stuff. Here's my reviews.
Dead Snow baby! If anyone ever asks you to explain what the hell this piece of gore awesomeness is about. you just gotta say two fucking words. Nazi..... and Zombies. What else do I need to say? Muahahaha.
So okay, Dead Snow is one of the films I managed to catch from last weeks film fest and to be frank, if I was only going to focus on the story development and the logic behind this whole film.. Dead Snow would be the biggest heap of cow shit you may ever witness on the cinema screen. It's about a group of medical students who go on a ski trip up in the Norwegian mountains and get attacked by hoards of Nazi zombies from World War II.
Get what I mean? Story = Cow Shit. But what else would you expect from a movie about Nazi zombies. For all the stupidity and poor writing present in the film, the filmmakers made up for it by jamming as much humor, gore, violence and blood as humanly possible into the 1 hour 30 minute film. I mean, this movie was so tongue-in-cheek hilarious and disgusting, it had me laughing through the whole thing.
The thing I kept getting watching Dead Snow was that the movie was more of a homage to classic 70's zombie movies than an actual 21st Century horror flick. The movie was a throwback to campy horror with super lame dialogue and plot twists which were so bad that it was good.
The cast they had in this were such horrible actors. All of them felt like talking heads that were just delivering lines from the script while we wait for the zombies (which were awesome) to come in and tear them limb from limb. Dead Snow goes into the same trap most zombie movies have these days. The only reason why a zombie movie would be interesting is if the audience like the characters and are rooting for them to survive the zombie attack, thus inducing tension and suspense. I didn't give a rats ass if any of them lived or died.
And one of the clearest signs that this movie was written by a retard was the focusing of the characters. See in any movies, the audience needs a main character to anchor the story and help carry through the advancement of the film from his POV. Dead Snow first followed one guy character who was really great main character material. He was good looking, he had depth, he rides a super cool snowmobile. But after following him around for an hour, he gets killed off and we end up with a fat dude who suddenly becomes the hero. Right at the end, everyone in the audience was going like, "Who the fuck is this guy? And how the hell did that fat lard outrun 'em zombies?"
And here was really no explanation of how the zombies came around or why they are friggin Nazi's. So the movie had no story. No main character. No tension or suspense. And no development. Then why do I say this film is awesome? Cause the second those zombies are ripping out the intestines of those irritating "actors," I just went, "GHEEEAAAAH!" he climax of the movie was so senselessly gory and unbelievably funny that I immediately forgave every plot hole and flaw this movie ever had.
So is this film a piece of shit? Yes. But it's hella fun. Dead Snow is the perfect movie to watch with your friends. Just get loads of beer, switch off that brain, pop in the DVD and go crazy!

RATING: 5/10

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