Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Crazies: Review

Craaaaaaaazy! Craaaaaazy! Crazy... for you baaaaybeeeh.
Aight! So The Crazies is a remake of George A. Romero's film from 1973 and it's about this small town where most of it's inhabitants experience heightened aggressive and violent nature after their water supply gets contaminated with some bla bla bla toxin. The film follows a group of people as they try to survive the infected townsfolk and escape the army who has arrived to exterminate everyone in the town.
I'm just gonna straight up come out and say that this movie is average at best and there's really nothing interesting to watch and nothing I can say that will make you watch this. I don't care how well they dressed this movie up with the gore and scares, we've seen this movie been done a billion times before. But there were some redeeming points to The Crazies.
First of, you gotta understand that this movie isn't a zombie movie. The infected in this don't turn into zombies, they just have a heightened aggressive nature that causes them to act more violently than usual. They are still very much sane people which does give some tension between the main characters and the infected cause these characters know each other.
I also like that the main villain in the film isn't the "crazies" but the government and the army who are sort of portrayed as faceless monsters cause we hardly see any of their faces in them gas masks. To be honest I found the military in this more scary than the actual crazies so I guess this was either a fail or win on the directors part.
But this still doesn't change the fact that this was a really mediocre movie. The writing in this is lazy and average, there isn't any character development nor plot development at all which made the film a wondering pointless piece of video with some good effects and lousy jump scares. Towards the end of the film, I feel no attachment whatsoever to the main characters, throughout the whole film I barely gave a rats ass if most of them lived or died.
The only guy I did enjoyed in this was Joe Anderson from Across The Universe who I think gave this movie another underlying theme without the intention of the director or the writer. His character brings the whole air of paranoia to the group of survivors because he keeps loosing his temper which makes everyone in the group a little suspicious cause let me remind you, the infected in this movie aren't sick.. they're just a little angry. So the moment Joe Anderson starts losing his temper, it really begs the question if he has been infected or not. But sadly it wasn't explored much cause it wasn't consciously written into the story.
And then there's Radha Mitchell. Seriously this girl hasn't gotten enough credit man. She is kind of like the action star for B rated actresses and she's been so good in so many movies but no one ever remembers her. And while I can't say I enjoyed watching her in this movie, I am still a big fan of hers.
Plus she's fine as hell!

Well there you have it. There's nothing great about this film but there's nothing bad about it as well. But would  recommend you watch this? Naw. It doesn't add anything to your life.

RATING: 4/10


"I" the writer said...

The movie's that bad? But the trailer looked soooo promising.....

Nicholas C said...

Naw it's not bad.... It just wasn't good either... and it's boring....


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