Monday, December 8, 2008

Sex Drive: Review

This movie was so crude and so naked. I loved the hell out of it! Damn this movie's the shits!
Alright so this movie is about Ian who meets this really hot girl on the Internet and after flirting with each other for some months, she invites him over to her place in Nashville so they can have sex. So he steals his brother's awesome car and with is friends, they make a road trip across the country in hopes that he will finally lose his virginity. Hence the title,Sex Drive.
Sex Drive is at it's simplest a road trip movie. It goes through all the usual perks and plot twists that a road trip movie has. Somewhere along the movies, the cars gonna break down,or they're gonna get chased by rednecks, or they're gonna stop by a carnival or small town and totally bring the place down. And if it's a romance film, the main character is going to fall i love with the female character that goes along with him on the road trip but was originally reluctant and had to b dragged along.
Yeah, Sex Drive hits every predictable road-trip joke but what makes this movie cool is the amounts of sex and nudity this film as.
And this movie was hella funny to. It's one of the funniest sexploitation film I've seen since the first American Pie. The sex jokes in here are very cleverly done and don't seem all that forced.
The scenes with the Amish people are really cool and Seth Green makes a great comeback after years of doing shitty movies. He is one of the funniest characters n the movie, he's this wise-cracking, fast-talking Amish dude that guilt's his victims into submission and it's hella funny to watch.

And that girl in the film, Amanda Crew. Damn she's hot. But her character is really annoying in this movie. It's like she doesn't want the main character to have sex with anyone else but her but when he finally comes on to her, she totally cock blocks him. But more pain to him, more pleasure to me.
The biggest surprise of the movie for me is when I found out that the guy who i thought was Sean William Scott was actually James Marsden. Holy shit! Seriously, I thought he was Sean William Scott throughout the movie.He was so retardedly funny that I could not comprehend that was really the same man who did Corny Collins and Cyclops. James Marsden is my favorite in this besides Seth Green.
I saw this movie in the unrated and uncut version.And usually in the uncut version we get pretty much the same shit with some extra vulgar words But in Sex Drive, they really pushed the nudity and sex to the limit. And I love it!
For absolutely no reason, we get these hot naked ladies just walking in and out of the shot and they are hella hella hot. They even go as far as shoving the camera into a chicks bare boobs and I was going "Thank you God!!" Finally, some directors who know what their viewers want. And they did all this in a funny way as well.
I respect the filmmakers for making a good funny sex movie that doesn't try to be anything more than what it is unlike other turds like Not Another Teen Movie. But if you do watch this, lock the door, unzip your pants and let the crazy ensue!

RATING: 6/10

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