Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3:Review

Only doing this cause I'm bored to death waiting for The Star to call me back for the internship thing.
 So okay... Pui Cheng forced me to watch this and there I was in the cinema feeling like a freakin pedophile cause I was like the only grown guy in the place. I swear they were all UPSR students. So already I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable before that shitty movie was on. So I went to see this a month ago and now only starting to blog about it. Why? Cause I there's this conflict within me whether I should hate this or not. And..... I liked it.
 I expected much worse from this movie to be honest and that's the only reason why I like it. If I was going to really say what it was like... I'd say it was ok lah. Not that bad, not that good.
 Don't get me wrong, it's still full of Disney *aww we all love each other and fuzzy wuzzy feeling* shit but it was still tolerable. The story was slightly different than the usual ones because for the first time, this was actually about a high school musical. The first High School Musical was about a high school musical audition, the second had nothing to do with high school so the third finally got it right.
 I like the little subplots in HSM 3 cause I can relate to them going through the whole graduation process and the whole college scholarship and career path thing. I especially liked the subplot with Zac Efron's character having to chose between performing arts and his dad's choice. I thought Zac Efron was really good in the movie, he showed some really good acting.
 I also liked the whole concept for the musical numbers cause it sort of took on a Broadway perspective. There were cool props and settings coupled with high kicks and nice costumes as you would get on a real Broadway show. And the best part was... The songs weren't catchy!! Seriously, I can't remember one damn song that was in the whole movie! Disney is finally learning!!
 Still there are the little things in the movie that made me cringe. The introduction of the new HSM characters were lame and was forced around too much. There's the skater punk who reminds me of myself. The black sidekick who had no dialogue throughout the movie (that'll change since Obama's President now) and the British version of Ashley Tisdale who remarkably gave up drama in London Performing Arts School to be in a musical at Albuquerque East High. Smart.
 Then there's the lovey dovey scenes with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens that takes up 70% of the film. Maybe it's just my unromantic self but I just couldn't take all that. But at least all the Disney cliche's where left out of this one, thank God.
At the end of the film, yea, I did feel a little bit sad that it was over. I liked the first HSM and I'll miss this cast. HSM 3 was a fitting finale. But High School Musical 4??!! Talk about beating a dead horse man. They should let this franchise lay to rest and move on to something else.

RATING: 5/10

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