Sunday, September 7, 2008

Death Race: Review

Death muthafuckin Race baby! The kind of movie you get when you put Speed Racer, Happy Tree Friends and Natalie Martinez together! Anyone looking for one helluva time have gotta watch this movie.
The film takes place 4 years in the future where the economy has crumbled and the world is in this post-apocalyptic state. Wow it only took 4 years? The film must be showing what would happen if John McCain took over hahaha. So anyway, the world is spinning out of control, there are criminals everywhere, so what do the police do? They invent Death Race. A gladiator type race where cons fight to the death while it is streamed live to millions of Internet viewers.
In comes Jason Statham, a former Nascar racer who was framed for the murder of his family and is put in jail and forced to race in Death Race. The whole grand scheme behind this is incredibly convulated and makes no sense, so I won't even try to explain why he's in jail. Just know that after he starts racing, all hell breaks loose.
Damn the racing sequences were the shits! The action scenes were really over the top and so well done. There were even video game elements like weapon beacons and death beacons and stuff, it's gonna make any gamer wee in his pants I guarantee. The director really knows how to film action. The editing was super tight, things just get more intense one scene after another.
And I really love the gritty style of the film. The whole film is shot in this grey, white wash background. The buildings are all rusty and old. There's practically heavy machinery and metal everywhere you look. Such a contrast to the campy Death Race 2000 back in the 80's. 
And damn this chick Natalie Martinez is hot. Now, now let's be fair, she wasn't any good at the acting but that wasn't really why she was in this film. Death Race is exploitation at it's best. It takes all the things guys love, race cars, explosion, actions and hot women and mashes it all together into on heck of a crazy film that made no sense but kicks so much ass.
I don't get what all the hate towards the film is about. Critics are saying this film made no sense, had no plot, bad acting, glorified violence and had a poor script. Well... yeah. But what the heck did you expect from a movie called Death Race? This film wasn't meant to be The Godfather or anything. This film is just one of those popcorn films that entertains. And entertain it did.
I was hooked to this film from start to finish. If you just want mindless violence and ass, then this film delivers perfectly. I liked it. I got tits, I got ass, I got cars blowing up and carcasses flying all over the place, so I'm satisfied.


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