Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MegaMind | Review

When I saw the trailer for this.. I was like, "Meh.." And now after seeing this.. I'm like, "Meh.."
Oh DreamWorks.... When you guys are good, you're really good. Just look at How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. We all know you can achieve greatness... so why the hell do you so eagerly refuse to do just that? There's absolutely nothing special about MegaMind. Sure there were some moments that made me laugh but to anyone who loved this film, I iterate two words to you: Despicable Me.
MegaMind is Despicable Me minus the cuteness, heart and adding a zero character superhero. It's about MegaMind who's pretty much a retarded Superman who get's sent away from his exploding homeplanet as a child along with Metro Man from a neighboring planet when their sun destroys their solar system and both dudes land on Earth. MegaMind gets raised by a bunch of prison cons and Metro Man gets raised by a rich white family and the two eventually grow to become villain and hero. But after MegaMind finally defeats Metro Man, he has no more superhero left to fight and ends up losing his life's purpose. So he tries to get some loser to become a superhero to regain his direction.
Everything in MegaMind is borrowed and splattered with blue color. Kinda like Skyline. It is an only slightly better version of Despicable Me and only because it has a few good fight scenes that will keep viewers entertained for the most parts. But personally, I am getting sick of DreamWorks sabotaging themselves.
MegaMind is DreamWorks not trying to make a good movie and just making a flick whilst jamming it to the brim with celebrity voices that are barely recognizable just to churn out a profit. It takes the comedy from Despicable Me, it takes the fight scenes from The Incredibles and the 3D of How To Train Your Dragon and deliver them at half capacity. You've seen everything they have to offer here in MegaMind being done before and being done better.
I do think Will Ferrel did a good job with this, but he's pretty much playing the same loony character in every one of his movies now. But I will say that MegaMind is his best movie since Stranger Than Fiction. He is shouting through most of the movie but at least he's funny. No one else was vaguely comedic in this film. Tina Fey and Brad Pitt are literally wasted talents, their characters were just talking animation and had no real personality. Same goes for Jonah Hill who I hope dies real soon because I'm sick of him.
But you know what, this movie isn't bad. There weren't any parts of it that pissed me off or anything.. it's just that it's not that great either. Just wait for it to come out on HBO or something.

RATING: 4/10

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