Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inception: Review

Okay.. you know what? I fucking hate this movie! Cause just when I thought The Dark Knight was going to be the greatest thing I could ever witness on a cinema screen, Inception actually managed to top Nolan's last film on almost every level. FUCK!
Somewhere in Emeryville, the people who made Toy Story 3 are watching Inception and going, "FUCK! We were so close!" Any hope Pixar had of landing Best Picture has been reduced to rubble with this Christopher Nolan masterpiece.
Inception takes place in a world where technology exists for people to invade someone's mind when he/she is dreaming, where the person's mental state is at it's most vulnerable. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a thief who specializes in extracting information and ideas from the minds of his targets. Now Cobb and his team is faced with a new challenge. To go into the mind of an energy conglomerate heir and pull off the reverse. Planting an idea in the persons mind instead of stealing it.
I'm gonna level with you early that Inception is either going to be one of the most confusing or mind blowing piece of cinema you might see in a long long time. The film will challenge you to really pay attention and think for 3 straight hours of this intricate puzzle piece that Christopher Nolan has created. But even if you don't get everything at the end, there's one thing I'm sure no one can deny that Inception was one of the most compelling suspenseful movies they have seen.
How the fuck does Christopher Nolan does these kinds of things. This motherfucker has been consistently topping his films with something even better. Momento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and now Inception. Everyone of these is darker and better than the last. I'm dangling my balls out there again and dare say that Inception tops The Dark Knight in every imaginable spectacle. Nolan might very well be this generations Brian de Palma if not the greatest modern filmmaker of our time.
This film is so complex, so deep, delving deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the mind. The pace moves break neck fast I could barely catch my breath. The second the film hits the 2 hour mark, things get so crazy and fucking awesome, the only thing I could do was just sit in marvel at the beauty of this film. And the fact that I was never bored with this film says a lot about Nolan as a director and writer because the climax of Inception is a fucking hour long and it cut into 4 different timelines. But my God, everything blended so seamlessly, such a work of genius.
And what an elite ensemble of actors lead by Leonardo DiCaprio to drive this masterpiece into the ground. Ellen Page of Juno, Joseph Gordon-Levitt of (500) Days of Summer, Dileep Rao of Avatar, Marion Cotillard of Nine, with Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy is just the group of actors Nolan deserved to bring a dark tapestry of suspense and drama to full bloom.
Points to Ellen Page who truly held her own up against the brilliant performance of Leo DiCap and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who's actually my fav character in the film and has a mega awesome badass fight scene that is right up there with The Matrix's lobby fight scene. Marion Cotillard shines as a twisted manifestation of Leo DiCap's subconscious. Every scene that Cotillard is in is genuinely frightening.
But the star of the film and one truly deserving of his first Oscar was Leonardo DiCaprio who navigates this wildly ingenious screenplay with an equally tour de force of a performance. If you thought his tortured character from Shutter Island was messed up enough, you gotta watch how fucked up his character is in Inception. So much emotional baggage and hurt pulsating through every pore of his body. I salute you good sir.
Inception is every sense of the word storytelling brilliance and it's beginning, build, climax and ambiguous ending is going to be the subject of many discussions for years to come. Now let's kill that third Batman movie! Muahahahaha.

RATING: 10/10


Samantha Chow said...

now i really have to go watch this. dang!

ortsed said...

this movie looks like a matrix movie but this is amazing it make more effect through the help of 3d and some newest gadets.
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Meliza said...

I just had to know what you thought of Inception. Nice Review!
Yeap no doubt about it. Christopher Nolan is bloody genius!

He said, she said said...

Yes! You have basically summed up my feelings about this movie in your blog. It really was mind blowing and if it isn't up for at least Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Special Effects at the Oscars next year I will be shocked. Helen (and James)

sina said...

Inception is the brillaint movie ever made and its from christopher the master of thriller movies and the exciting fact is inception placed in the list top 10 thriller mystery movies must watch

Amber Salm said...

Its a complete unique movie which is well worth your time and money. Its one of the finest movie which I highly recommend to all.
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jen said...

The movie is good but a little confusing.. it tells that dreams has levels that human don't know.


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