Friday, June 25, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe To Star In All Quiet on the Western Front

With Harry Potter ending next summer, Daniel Radcliffe has found himself a new project to work on. And OMG is it legendary.
Radcliffe is set to star in the remake of the 1930 war classic All Quiet on the Western Front. Now that may not mean much to you, but this is in every way epic! Why? Because the movie All Quiet on the Western Front was the very first feature length war film ever to be made in the history of cinema. And the third film in history to win Best Picture.
And you know what? This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy than Daniel Radcliffe. He better not screw this up. The new adaptation will written by Ian Stokell and Lesley Paterson, who are also producing, but no director or other cast members have been announced yet.

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