Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quentin Tarantino Getting Ready For Kill Bill: Vol 3!

ComingSoon has reported that the ever so amazing Quentin Tarantino has announced on an Italian talk show that he is planning to make Kill Bill: Vol 3 in the next few years!!!

He says that the premise of the film will take place 10 years after Kill Bill: Vol 2, so that would be 2014. The 10 year break is because he wanted The Bride to have a break after everything she went through.

Kinda weird that he's still gonna call the movie Kill Bill... since Bill already got killed.


Eileen said...
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Eileen said...

maybe he resurrected him. or.. he's bringing in Bill's illegitimate son whom no one knows abt. who is ALSO called Bill. OR Bill was cloned before he died!!!! jeng jeng jeng.... i think i watched too many dramas. lol.


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