Monday, April 13, 2009

In The Heights Movie

OMG I'm so looking forward to this! I've talking about this for the past month and I really need to do a post about this. In The Heights is going to be a movie!!! Wahahahaha god I'm such a Broadway geek.
So okay we all know that a lot of Broadway musicals are being adapted into films like Hairspray and Mamma Mia! And Universal has announced that it gonna be releasing the movie version of In The Heights next year.
 Of course none of you guys heard of In The Heights (Damn you uncultured Malaysians!) So In The Heights is a musical by a brilliant guy named Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played the main character. It's about the struggles and life of a latino community living in the barrio of Washington Heights, which is in New York I think.... And instead of mostly singing, this musical goes one up and does some of it's numbers in raps.
 I saw snippets of their musical on youtube, and I soooo wanna watch it live one day! I really really urge you guys to start getting hyped up for this movie. Don't worry most of their songs are very modern and up tempo so you won't get falsettoed to death. Hope the Broadway cast will be in the movie.


Ru said...

in the heights was AMAZING on Broadway!!!!

Nicholas C said...

Hey Ru! Omg I'm so freakin jealous right now. Do you live in New York?

X-Man said...

I defiantly saw this in New York the week before Lin left the show.

It was amazing. I have the full cast's autographs and my friend met them on stage and worked with them. Lin better be in the movie!

Anonymous said...

Nic, Do you have any idea when ITH WILL actually go into Production?.

Nicholas C said...

Hey, sorry I don't know either. I've emailed some of the Broadway cast on their facebooks but naturally, their not replying


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