Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Wrestler: Review

C'mon dudes admit it.. we all were crazy about WWF back in the 90's. Man when I was like 12... I got Stunnered, Rock Bottomed, Chokeslamed, Low Blowed and Pedigreed cause I was so damn irritating back then.
So The Wrestler... the movie that's gonna make WWE fans so depressed cause it basically shows the sad truth they don't wanna acknowledge and that is that wrestling is FAKE and that wrestlers are human to. It's directed by Darren Aronofsky who previosuly did Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain which are two amazingly weird but cool films.
This film's about Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, an ageing wrestler who's pretty much a loser. Imagine being like the coolest person on Earth for a few years and was chomped up and spit out like you were nothing. He gets reduced to an old man that is in so much physical pain who has nothing. And the saddest part is he still doesn't get it that people don't care about his wrestling anymore. I mean, he's working like crazy at a meat factory just so he can finance his weekend wrestling at this shithole arena that no one goes to. Plus, he's in love with a 40 year old stripper.
The Wrestler pretty much talks about the problems real life wrestlers go throuh. They put their bodies through a lot of abuse becaue 'it was what they love doing' and when their old, their left with nothing but permanent physical scars. And who could have played the lead role better than Mickey Rourke. This guy was FANTASTIC in this movie!
Honestly, I've never heard of Mickey Rourke until a few months ago when The Wrestler came out, but he was apparently the Zac Efron of the 70's or something like that. But then he did a Britney Spears thing and derailed his career.
The acting in this movie was what made me really like it. Mickey Rourke gave an outstanding performance. He made you love and root for his character even though you know things are gonna end badly for him, which makes it more heartbreaking when it does. Evan Rachel Wood who plays his daughter was great to. She has an awesome scene at the end of the movie. And Marissa Tomei is just HOT man. I think she was naked for at least 80% of the whole movie.
The Wrestler is a clearly character and story driven film cause most of the technical aspects of the film was terrible. The movie does need a bit of patience on the audience's part mainly cause the camera work is really shaky. The Wrestler looked like it was shot entirely with a handycam and it does get a bit annoying sometimes. Also the background noises that wasn't edited out was a little distracting but I think the director purposely left that in to make the movie look more realistic. And I'm willing to bet that most of the characters in the movie were just ordinary people the director pulled in from around the set to act.
Watch this movie. You'll love it.

RATING: 8/10

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